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‘It’s all about spending’


Well, I guess that the financial solutions to the problems of Baltimore are not over with the layoffs.

What happens if state funding does not increase? What happens if the 125 new jobs at the vegetable processing plant do not materialize? What happens if there are more layoffs at the paper mill?

Apparently Baltimore officials don’t read the newspapers. The unemployment rate is hovering around the 9% nationally. Times are tough; people are spending less and shopping for bargains. But in Baltimore, we can layoff one office employee, one street/water worker and two police patrolman, while the “highly” paid positions remain untouched.

Baltimore could be facing significant funding problems and all they want to do is add more taxes to local residents to fund the Police Department. The General Fund carryover, according to figures listed in The Beacon, has been declining since 2008, but what actions were taken to address that problem? Nothing happened, just more of the same spending, spending, spending.

Tell me how running a sewer line into Walnut Township is a benefit to Baltimore. How is it to be paid for? They say that it is for the growth of Baltimore. Has anyone looked at census figures for the Baltimore “growth” between 1960 and today? The village administration does not seem concerned about the amount of debt that the village is accruing. They talk about “low interest loans,” but they are still loans, and they still are debt that must be repaid.

I personally do not know Mr. VanDyke, but he stated that he was a Baltimore Police Officer “several years ago.” He stated that he voted no on the levy, due to the question relating to the timing of the police drug raid. He stated that he “now knows the facts, and that wasn’t the case.” How does a “former” officer “know the facts,” when very little of the “facts” are known to the citizenry? If it were not to “build support,” why after a year long investigation, they could not wait an additional four days? And how did both WBNS and WTVN just happen to be on the scene?

If I were a rich man, I would like to consult an attorney about how to “unincorporate” the village, do away with the village administration, give the water and sewer plant to Fairfield County, and utilize the services of the Sheriff’s Department.

Charles Lamb

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