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It will take years to recover from fiscal emergency


I love living in Millersport. I love the sense of community you get on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day or at the Sweet Corn Festival. I love cheering for our teams or watching the band and choir perform shows to rival much larger schools. And I love the way my children have thrived, each in their own way, because of the personal attention our small school allows.

Like most of us, I am worried about the repair of the dam and how it is affecting our local businesses and property values. I am even more worried about the financial crisis our school system faces, and how it is affecting our community and kids.

I am sad that we have lost almost 50% of our teaching staff. We have lost many excellent teachers, coaches and friends. I am sad when I drive by the school and see gardens overgrown with weeds and trash cans overflowing. And, I am sad that potential new home owners won’t consider buying in Walnut Township because of the problems we are facing.

I am confident the lake will recover from the dam reconstruction and be better than ever. We have been warned by state officials at community meetings that if we are placed in Fiscal Emergency, the school system will be “stripped beyond recognition” and it will take many, many years to recover. This will have a much greater impact on our property values than the temporary draining of the lake.

If you oppose the levy because you oppose any tax increase, there is nothing I can say to change your mind. If you have questions or concerns about the necessity of this additional tax, I ask you to attend a school board or community meeting and get answers. If you care about our community and the children who live here, I urge you to vote YES on August 4th.

Kay Batson

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