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‘It is the anchor of our community’


I am so saddened that the Walnut Township School Levy did not pass. I was blessed by being raised in the Walnut Township local school district. I had opportunities through this district that I feel have advanced me in my life.

I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the understanding of what Walnut Township schools are like. I not only know from firsthand experience of being a student within the district from Kindergarten through my senior year, but I have been employed by the district since 2013 as an aide in the high school. I see amazing things every day.

I see kids building roller coasters out of pipe insulation and masking tape. I see students learning about history and language and other cultures. I see students that take a foreign language enjoying what they are learning so much that they want to be called by the name they get to choose for them self in class. I see amazing artwork decorating our hallways. I see high levels of math being taught with Guided Notes and hands-on learning techniques.

I see teachers using books that have been re-bound so many times that the page numbers don’t even make sense anymore. Even though they use dated materials (some that have names of people that I graduated with ten years ago), this staff of teachers make it work and prepare our kids to take the standardized tests in Ohio. They make what some would think is impossible, possible. They prepare our kids to compete in rankings with much bigger schools that have much more up-todate resources.

This district and these kids and these teachers are worth it! It is an amazing place to live and work and learn. I do not know what is in store for this district, but what I do know is that teaching and learning will not stop just because this levy has failed. We must fight to keep this school going because, from my perspective, it is the anchor of our community.

Stephanie Workman

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