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Issues have already been addressed

Dear Editor:

Three issues were raised at the Meet the Candidate Night that need to be addressed: Collecting delinquent taxes; Consolidation with another school district: and Making all of Walnut Township a part of Walnut Township Schools.

Collection of delinquent taxes has been discussed in public board meetings. The county is responsible for collecting delinquent taxes and as a school district very little that can be done to encourage tax collection.

Consolidation can only occur within the same county and only with an adjoining/ adjacent school district. Both districts and the county educational service center must agree to the consolidation. The new district must honor all the debts and obligations. Because of the state’s funding formula, we aren’t an attractive partner for our adjacent districts .

We would benefit if all of Walnut Township was included in the Walnut Township Local School District. The creation of Fairfield Union, Liberty Union-Thurston and Walnut Township school districts was the best scenario at that time. Again, because of the funding formula, our neighboring districts are not going to give up territory.

If these issues were easy to address, it would have been done years ago. They all have been discussed in public board meetings. A board’s primary responsibilities are to develop school policy and to hire a superintendent and treasurer for daily operations. Ultimately, the superintendent and the treasurer answer to the school board and the school board answers to the majority of the district’s voters.

Faye Whitaker, Karen Keller and
Vince Popo
Walnut Township

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