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‘Is it wrong that I liked Baltimore the way it was?’


Mr. Nicodemus had a “Letter to the Editor” addressing the dissatisfaction of many Baltimore residents about our present village administration and village council.

I consider myself a “watchdog”, and have no real desire to serve on the village council. But if I did, I would guarantee that there would not be the constant six “Aye” and zero “Nay” votes and many arguments. I did spend almost fourteen years on the Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department, and the many hours devoted to helping our citizens was my way of showing my devotion to this community.

At age 69, I am still working, since I have no desire to sit at home. I also do not feel that I would be a very good representative of the public, as I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

Several years ago, I attended a village council meeting where the discussion was about the EPA mandating that Baltimore build a new sewer plant. Councilman Ardrey addressed a statement made by the EPA representative relating to the ‘pollution’ in Pa Paw Creek, that was apparently due to the existing sewer plant. His simple solution was to drill a well and pump fresh water into Pa Paw Creek. “Dilution of the pollution is not the solution” was the answer from the EPA representative. The end result was a five million dollar +/- sewer plant that is the reason that many residents are having to make ‘choices’ in order to pay their water/sewer bills.

My letters about spending are based upon village financial statements and public record requests, so the numbers are correct, and if someone cannot see what I believe is ‘reckless’ spending of taxpayer dollars, I will never convince anyone otherwise.

We have a mayor who talks about the “Growth of Baltimore” as the apparent need for the spending. I have been here since 1961, and I have not seen that growth, and neither have the United States Census figures.

They can find monies to fund salary and benefits for several newly created village positions, but cannot seem to find the money to maintain our streets. The monies spent on those positions over the last nine years could have improved our streets and alleys, but this village administration had other ideas.

There IS a spending problem in Baltimore. One of the six ‘spenders’ has retired and three ‘spenders’ got re-elected. I am pretty sure that the ‘spending’ will continue, at least until they actually run out of money to spend. I guess that if the federal government can spend and spend and spend, Baltimore Council and Mayor must think that it is O.K. for them to do the same.

Is it wrong that I liked Baltimore the way it was?

Charles R. Lamb

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