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Interested in a community garden project in Buckeye Lake Village?


Is a community garden a worthwhile project? Would you like to be part of a community garden here in Buckeye Lake Village?

The Community Development Committee of the Buckeye Lake Village Council is considering using some of the vacant properties to set up community gardens. But first, we must know if there’s any community interest in such a project.

Each person would be responsible for his or her own plot, as to purchasing seed or plants, doing the actual planting, maintaining the plot, and harvesting his or her own produce.

There would be a very minimal fee, if any. Summer is moving way too fast. We may be a little too late for this year, but with planning there’s always next year.

Please contact council member Mickey McCormick, chair of the Community Development Committee at (614) 783-5555 or stop by the village offices to sign up for more information.

The Community Development Committee has several other projects it’s working on, such as the on-going Christmas Light Fund. If you would like to become part of our committee or have suggestions, please contact me or Mayor Clay Carroll.

Mickey McCormick
Buckeye Lake Village

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