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Incumbents reelection ‘underwhelming’


Letter writer Mike Vermillion calls himself the Bowling Green Township Civility Project facilitator. His false statements in The Beacon are not civil.

Vermillion declares the following about Trustee Jeff Chorpenning: “He openly admits that he refuses to take any calls from the other trustees and refuses to return their calls when they try to speak with him.” That’s not true! Remember, Chorpenning records everything said at the trustee meetings. The truth is documented. Vermillion writes a delusional version of what was really said and recorded.

Chorpenning has an excellent attendance record, but according to Mr. Civility, “This township and the citizens deserve better.” Vermillion does not speak for EVERYONE. He touts what he claims as an “overwhelming” show of support for his incumbents. The real numbers do not support his fantasy. Vermillion’s GOB President Benjamin Hupp missed one of his own special meetings because he was behind bars, convicted of a crime. Look at the actual attendance and all the “records” including criminal records.

Chorpenning was reelected two years ago with 362 votes. Convicted and reelected incumbent Ben Hupp gets four more years with 219 votes compared to the 309 he got back in 2009. Trustee Danny “Rubber Stamp” VanBuren came in second with 213 votes, compared to 311 in 2009. I call it underwhelming.

A total of 442 votes said “No” to the incumbents on election day. The cameras will keep rolling to document the truth.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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