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‘I love Buckeye Lake’


I love Buckeye Lake. It is where I live, where I raised my family, the home of my business, and it is the only place I want to live. Unfortunately, Buckeye Lake is facing a trying time. The low water level, construction, and lack of communication, impacts us all. My feelings during this past (lake-less) year have finally settled down to a point where I can express my thoughts on a personal level regarding the lake situation.

To the residents of West and North Banks, I wish to express my empathy. The residents have lost control over their property and feel violated and wronged. Soon a fence will compromise the residents’ lake access and wall-off their properties from the lake.

To the businesses located on the lake, near the lake, and who rely on the lake, we are in this together. As a Buckeye Lake business owner, frustration and worry are the two strongest emotions I feel-I am sure you relate. We are all uncertain of what the future holds and doing the best to survive. Sadly, the low water levels forced some businesses to close their doors.

Finally, to the residents on or near the lake, I am thankful for your efforts to support the businesses, provide input, and generate the best from the situation. The residents are the lifeblood of the lake.

Moreover, the recurring theme for me and an invaluable life lesson I learned is: more is accomplished when we work together and act as a contributor than as an adversary. Yes, it does seem we have little control over our destinies at the lake, that we only received partial explanations, and that this dam situation was poorly handled. However, if we act hostile toward one another, other businesses, and even the state, we gain nothing.

As a community, we are presented with the opportunity to build an even greater Buckeye Lake together. It is my hope with God’s help the future shines brightly for Buckeye Lake.

Dave Levacy

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