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I hear they’re great roasted with potatoes and carrots’


I sympathize with all the wonderful people who love the graceful, beautiful swans. Sure they are aggressive, hissing and pecking at any swan lover or swan hater, even those indifferent to swans, who come near their nest, but they can take it.

All these people should contact the ODNR. Then the department could exert their efforts and resources to establish nests at their front doors. These compassionate people will cheerfully give up the use of their front yards (and front doors). For a month or two. The droppings and the smell will waft like perfume through their open windows, reminding them 24/7 of how kind they are to swans. And they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that their consciousness will produce a lot more swans returning to Buckeye Lake every year to nest in ever more front yards to make spring and more exciting stinky and messy season for many others.

And they will have the feeling of superiority and joy of vilifying all those who don’t share their point of view. Their criticism will be more valid with a nest in their yard. Just imagine, they’ll be able to host this nesting pair for 20 years or more.

I have nothing against swans. I hear they’re great roasted with potatoes and carrots. There are a few miles of shoreline on the lake where they can nest without encroaching on people’s front yards.

Michael Entler


Formerly of Shell Beach, friend and neighbor of the Gerlings.

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