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‘I have to figure every month how I am doing so I don’t overdraw’


I opened my water bill recently, and thank God I take blood pressure pills. The reason….. $ 187.83 for one month. Earlier this week, I received a letter from a senior citizen and a long time resident of Baltimore. Comments from the letter…“I do not go out very much because I do not have the money for gas”….“water/sewer bill takes a big chunk out of what I get a month. I have to figure every month how I am doing so I don’t overdraw.” Welcome to the “new normal” for seniors and fixed income Baltimore residents

Mayor Kalish, I think your “pipe dream” relating to the growth of Baltimore just went away. In fact, our population might fall as families/persons who cannot afford the cost to live here move away.

This community has had problems in the past, but we have survived and onward we went, but the financial burdens being “piled” onto our citizens is going to overwhelm the community. I recently wrote about the costs associated with the Village Administrator position, but those costs “may” not stop there. Ohio EPA forced Baltimore into a five million dollar debt for the new sewer plant, but I feel strongly that the village administrator position created additional debt for our citizens.

The Financial Audit for Baltimore should be complete before year end, and once released, the debt increase will be known. The $669,040.03 paid in salary and benefits is gone, but the debt created by that position “could” live on for up to twenty years.

The village administration had stars in their eyes. They wanted a village administrator and an “enhanced” police department. They filled the “pot of gold” for the village administrator, but did not realize that their “enhanced” Police Department would cost more money, and with no village funds to pay for their dream, they palm it off on the property owners. They lost that one, but they just brought it back in another manner.

With the village administrator doing all the work of the Village, why are the mayor and council members even attending meetings, and most of all, why are they being paid when all they do is vote “yes”.

The next time you see one of your “friends and neighbors” that are a part of the village administration, just say “Thanks for your service to the community”.

Charles R. Lamb

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