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Hupp responds to critic


In rebuttal to Geary Stepp’s letter in the last issue, I can honestly say that most of his claims are downright ludicrous. I will address those that directly affect our township.

Regarding the trash hauler contract, this was discussed at numerous public meetings, attempting to deal with this issue. Hopefully, litigation will resolve this situation.

Spending public dollars to reinstall playground equipment would not have happened if Trustee Chorpenning hadn’t removed it in the first place. Our insurance company said liability rates would not be raised and the equipment in question is safe.

There was absolutely no need to upgrade any road signage. Doing so would have been a total waste of money.

We did have to step in and complete the memorial brick project. Had we not, it may never have gotten completed. Thanks to the other 10 volunteers who spent 15 hours getting the job done.

Three years ago we purchased a new dump truck for road maintenance and snow removal. When repairs and maintenance on older equipment exceed the price of a new one, what would you do? Because of the effort of Trustee VanBuren and myself, it is the only debt we have incurred. When the weather turns bad, equipment must be dependable.

Benjamin Hupp
Bowling Green Township.

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