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Hunts Landing Road is a disaster


Like many children, I enjoyed playing video games when I was younger. One of my favorites was “Moon Patrol.” Players had to jump over and avoid craters along your path in your moon buggy.

As an adult, avoiding such craters is not as pleasant, especially when your buggy is an expensive car or truck and you live in an area where you must use Hunts Landing Road to make it to your home. This “road” is an unmitigated disaster and barely remains passable. The holes in the road are large enough to swallow and destroy tires, and certainly ruin your suspension.

Consequently, drivers have resorted to driving off-road to avoid such bone-jarring events, but the sides of the road are now hole filled and no longer an option.

I am certainly a realist. It is winter and potholes are everywhere, but this is not new and not a winter-only occurrence. This road has been neglected since Buckeye Lake Village took it over, lured by the promise of high property taxes from the condo development that has never materialized. Two units does not a “development” make.

Patching the road is no longer an option, as the tattered remains of what was once a road are no longer intact, merely large and dangerous cavities. Please consider safety for a moment, how would first responders make it to our area in an emergency? And, I am sure I am not alone in having several near-misses both while jogging and driving, from drivers paying more attention to the holes in the road, than their surroundings.

This road needs to be completely reconstructed from the base up, and let’s pray that it is better constructed than the already decaying roads that were recently done in the village. I would ask the new regime to please begin to take better care of our road, as this deterioration did not occur over night and we have been neglected for quite some time.

Rather than waiting for construction to be completed on a condo development, that has never really started, please take care of the folks that already live here. There should be expectations for any construction firm to repair what they damage, and I would hope they would chip in to make it look nicer currently, if they ever expect to sell anything in there. Based on the lack of care and debris left where once a sales trailer stood, I’m guessing new construction is not in our near future.

Tony Spring
Maple Bay

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