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How to tell ODNR we need help with weeds & dredging


It was stated by Ian Nickey, dam project spokesman, at a community meeting Tuesday night that the ODNR division constructing the dam has nothing to do with the decisions or funding for dealing with the weeds in canals and inlets or dredging. This is apparently the responsibility of ODNR’s Division Parks and Recreation.

If you would like to relay your concerns to this division, I have a suggestion. Google “ODNR Parks and Recreation” and click on the home page. Scroll down to the bottom to Park Improvements and click on “Make a Suggestion”. Here you will learn that they have received an “unprecedented investment” in funding and are asking for input on how to spend this windfall for projects in Ohio Sate Parks. Scroll down to Buckeye Lake and select. You will then see a list of project ideas and at the bottom of the list is “Other”. When you click on “Other”, a box will open for you to write your suggestion.

Hopefully, if we flood this site with our suggestions regarding the need for their help with weed control in channels and inlets, as well as dredging, at Buckeye Lake somebody will read them and pay attention. The state is making an investment of over 100 million dollars for a new dam- we also need them to make the investment needed to make our beautiful lake useable and healthy.

We can always hope; there is no harm in trying.

Linda Myer

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