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How low can they go?


I didn’t think Buckeye Lake Council President Charlene Hayden and council member Berry Herron can get any lower after attacking Peggy Wells, claiming she used her mother to bring attention to the fire department. That is as low as you can go!!!!

They didn’t even know the facts of the run. Shame on all the council members for not having enough guts to stand up to Charlene Hayden and say, “Enough.”

Instead of trying to fix our EMS service, they are more interested in a call Peggy made for her mother. They need to be focused on saving lives!

Our elected officials don’t respect us. They have already decided how to spend our tax money. Let’s not give them our money until they take us seriously. Vote “No” on the fire levy.

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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