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How about some first aid training


According to public records, Kirkersville’s police force is down to a more reasonable number for its population. The force consists of two officers: Jeremy Kidder and Carl Runyon. But the Village of Crooksville (with a population of about 2500) has a little larger police force now. Former Kirkersville Police Chief James Chapman is now in Crooksville and he joins another former Kirkersville Police Chief/Officer Chris Martin. Former Kirkersville police chiefs don’t fade away, they just go to Crooksville!

You’ve read my complaints that Licking County Dog Warden John Silva has cut public services such as taking cats from the public and owner surrendered dogs, humane calls, etc. They only take STRAY dogs. But apparently they have added SHOPPING! Since they only take STRAY dogs they apparently have time to go shopping! Here are some interesting purchases:

Thumbdrive holster $ 79.99
Handcuff case 34.99
Tactical Handcuffs 54.99
Taser Dataport Download Kit 159.95
Tactical 5-in-1 Duty Jacket 249.99
Tactical Storm Jacket 129.99
Badge 63.00
Signature Duty Jacket 209.99
Tactical 4-in-1 Patrol Jacket 249.99
Men’s Tactical Mirage Shoe 84.99
Insulated Boot 255.00
Apple Mini Ipad 459.99

These are single purchases and don’t include the various laptops, radios, and other electronic toys and tactical clothing/gear that taxpayers buy for these gun toting, handcuff carrying stray dog catchers! I am told by an Auditor’s Office employee that there is “no contract that provides a uniform allowance for employees of Animal Control.”

I asked a pound employees why they needed handcuffs. He answered, “To serve warrants.” Can you imagine these Barney Fife’s arresting someone and then having to transport them in the dog pound vehicle?!

And on the subject of transporting in the dog pound vehicle, I asked John Silva if the pound was involved in a situation where two dogs were left in a hot vehicle in Utica. He responded, “The sheriff’s office requested our officers to provide recovery assistance, on behalf of the owner…” He added. “Yes, our officers were able to assist the family with receiving those dogs back for proper burial.” I asked if the dogs were alive when they were taken out of the vehicle and he said they were “on their last breath.” Not satisfied with Silva’s answers, I asked to see public records.

This is what I found in the “memo” on the Case Report for this incident (I omitted names and addresses):

On May 29, 2014, I Deputy (name removed) of the Licking County Dog Wardens Office was dispatched by the Licking County Sheriff Office to (address removed) Utica. Myself and Officer (name removed) responded to the scene. Approx 1:25 pm received call from Sheriff Dispatch at Dog Warden Office

Approx 1:30 pm radioed Sheriff Dispatch that DW2 inroute Approx 1:45 pm Dog Warden arrived on scene Approx 1:55 Dogs are removed from car and loaded into Dog Warden Vehicle Approx 2:00 pm Officer (name removed) called (veterinarian in the Buckeye Lake Area) Approx 2:40 pm Stopped to check on dogs, Officer (name removed) said that both dogs appeared to be not breathing Approx 3:00 pm Arrival at (veterinarian in the Buckeye Lake area) Approx 3:10 pm (veterinarian) confirmed death of both dogs.

These dog pound officers were NOT on a “recovery” mission as Silva told me. The dogs were alive when they were removed from the vehicle and should have been taken to the vet that was THREE MINUTES away!

The pound doesn’t typically go on calls and I believe they went on this call only as a courtesy to the sheriff’s offuce. I also FIRMLY believe that John Silva lied to me to throw me off the trail! After all, these dogs were NOT entered into the books (State Sheets) at the pound. The records show that only two dogs came into the pound that day and neither of them were these dogs. Silva should be FIRED!!!

Instead of firearms and Taser training, how about some FIRST AID training for animals!! Anyone who really cared about the dogs would have taken them to the closest vet! Some of our male pound employees are becoming storm troopers and John Silva is leading the charge! These ‘wanna-be cops’ are becoming aggressive and will surely bite the hand that feeds them!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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