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Horn endorses Yates for Walnut Township Trustee


I want to be one of the first to endorse a political candidate for Walnut Township Trustee. I know of no better person than Bill Yates to be the next Township Trustee. After having worked with Bill over the course of the last several months, I can say that he will perform the duties of the office with excellence, respect and integrity. This is a person that I know that I can work with and I believe you can count on Bill to represent ALL citizens of Walnut Township to the best of his ability. Bill is hard working, fair and thorough. One thing that I really like in Bill, is a desire to look at the issues objectively and he asks the questions, “What does the public want, what will the public support?” As I have worked with Bill he strives to get the facts and he looks at the cost of implementing a plan.

Please join me in casting your vote for a positive voice that will represent all of Walnut Township on November the 8th.

Terry W. Horn
Walnut Township Trustee

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