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Horn answers criticism


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to respond to criticisms in letters published last week.

One writer said, “No minutes have been placed on the Township Web Site this year. And that Trustee Horn wasted township funds by putting up a new web site.” There are many website users that will vouch for the minutes being on the website all year. I try to post minutes within 1-3 days of receiving them from the fiscal officer. The web site was a “unanimous board decision.” It was a one-time cost of $1,000. The previous webmaster charged $1,700 per year. I do the updates at no cost to the taxpayer. The first year savings was $700, second year $2,400, third year $4,100, etc. A $1,000 investment that gives back $1,700 every year to the taxpayer!

Another writer stated, “I was trying to demand “township-wide” trash collection and that I was soliciting for bids. The 2011 minutes 5/24; 6/14; 6/21; 7/26; 8/9 will show that township-wide trash collection was an idea that would need to go before our residents before the trustees got serious about moving forward. I did not solicit for bids. In order to get community feedback an ad was placed in the local papers, and the residents expressed their opposition to it. My commitment is to listen and act accordingly for the best interests of all citizens in our township.

Terry W. Horn
Walnut Township Trustee

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