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Holman to run for Licking Twp. trustee


My name is John Holman and I am officially beginning my campaign for Licking Township Trustee. In the coming weeks, I will be circulating my petition and asking for your support throughout the township.

Many have known me as a “resident” of the township for nearly 60 years. I attended and graduated from Lakewood, my children attended and graduated from Lakewood, and my grandchildren attend Lakewood. I served eight years on the Lakewood School Board. I served as a Township Trustee and am currently the Township Zoning Inspector. I was a volunteer for the comprehensive plan for the township and have always had a passion for the direction and vision of our community.

For those who know me, and those who will get to know me this summer, I am very candid. Folks, it is time for a change in leadership at our township level. This November 5th is your opportunity to affect that change. As residents and taxpayers of Licking Township, you deserve more. You deserve someone who lives and breathes in the township everyday and I mean that both literally and figuratively. You deserve more than “Monday night” trustees twice a month. You deserve more than “double talk” and “paper shuffling.” You deserve more than someone collecting a paycheck or someone intent on bolstering their retirement or capitalizing on the health insurance benefits. You deserve someone that is goaldriven and results oriented.

I hope that I have piqued your interest. I will commit to the residents of Licking Township to be your candidate of vision, direction, action, proven leadership, and above all else, honesty and integrity. I will be visiting you in the coming months. Thank you.

John Holman
Candidate for Licking Township Trustee

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