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Hileman sets Carroll straight


Recently, in a letter to The Beacon I mentioned that no one at the Buckeye Lake Fire Department showed up on July 26 for the two day shifts, leaving our residents unprotected. I also thanked Hebron and Millersport because they were on duty to cover us with mutual aid as usual.

At the last council meeting, Safety Chair Clay Carroll said my letter was a “story that needed to be checked out.” He said the one call that came in that day “was handled by our department so I’m not sure why we’re thanking Hebron and Millersport. It’s misleading to the people.”

First, I want to point out that both Clay Carroll and I are running for mayor in November. Second, it’s important to know that it’s Mr. Carroll who is doing the misleading. I stand by what I said in my letter.

If Mr. Carroll had checked the employee time cards, he would see that no one was on duty at the station when that call came in at 4:34 p.m. The individuals supposed to be working did not show up or called off. The call was handled by volunteers.

Clay Carroll is running for mayor and he has to ask, “Why are we thanking Hebron and Millersport?” Obviously, we were lucky that we only had one call during that 12-hour period. But, Mr. Carroll, it’s called “mutual aid.” So, once again I say, “THANK YOU” to Hebron and Millersport. Why can’t we be grateful to our neighbors for their support when our own paid personnel don’t show up for duty?

Mr. Carroll also commented on our department’s performance on August 12 when four runs came in within 32 minutes. He admitted that mutual aid was involved. But he also said “the performance of our department was stellar” meaning brilliant or outstanding. I disagree! Our fire department personnel waited more than five minutes to ask for help on a heart problems run! They were already out on a carbon monoxide run when the heart call came in. The call for mutual aid should have been IMMEDIATE! That delay could have been fatal.

As the Beacon’s editorial said last week, it’s still about saving the runs instead of saving lives. Get ready for more of the same now that the department is billing for runs. We deserve better.

Mr. Carroll is out of touch with reality. Stellar performance??? Let’s focus on saving lives instead of saving runs. Let’s put patients first!

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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