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Buckeye Lake is very fortunate to have some great non-profit organizations operating for the benefit of the lake itself and all who enjoy it. I confess, I’ve not been diligent about keeping some of my memberships current in these very effective and worthy organizations. In light of ODNR’s concern for the earthen dam and the likely effect on the local economy, I encourage others to join me in visiting the following organizations websites to learn more about their activities on the lake and SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP! Our memberships help support the viability of the lake and the increase in number of memberships strengthens their ability to lobby on our behalf. So here’s the answer for ALL OF YOU who have been asking, “What can WE do to help?”

Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association (BLACA), established in 1947, has completed numerous improvement projects in and around the lake every year since its beginning. They’ve focused on beautification projects, improving beaches and shorelines and have improved the overall use of the lake by cooperating with ODNR for dredging; dam, dock and canal concerns; water quality and boat safety just to name a few. They also host some pretty terrific events that thousands enjoy each year: the tour of homes, 4th of July boat parade and the reverse raffle.

BLACA generously shares their fundraising revenues annually with numerous organizations. In 2014, they donated nearly $12,000 to 17 different organizations, schools and fire departments. BLACA has undoubtedly been the most prominent and long-running advocate, lobbyist, fundraiser, benefactor and project manager that this lake has even seen!

An added benefit for you at this critical time of uncertainty – BLACA will keep you informed of the latest news around the lake simply by joining their membership list! Visit their website at and prepare to be impressed!

Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow (BLT) was started with significant support from BLACA. BLT is a partnership of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving and sustaining water quality in the Buckeye Lake Watershed which covers 49 square miles flowing into our lake. For years, volunteers have been monitoring various sites in the lake and tributaries to measure nutrient levels. BLT has been working with local schools and lake area residents to provide education about toxin levels, how the geese and carp populations contribute to algae growth, and how the human population can help make positive changes to the water quality. The annual Carp Fest sponsored by BLT has been an effective and fun event allowing the lake community to participate in reducing the carp population which leads to a healthier lake environment. Ever wondered how deep the lake is? BLT’s website also features a depth survey of Buckeye Lake. Visit to support BLT with your Kroger card or a donation.

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society and its museum is full of fun facts and interesting exhibits on the history of the lake during the canal days and during it’s height of glory…The Playground of Central Ohio: Buckeye Lake Amusement Park. The Society’s hard work and exhibits extend way beyond the walls of the museum. This group is constantly ON THE MOVE! Their purpose is to preserve lake history, Cranberry Bog and the lake’s environment. The Society has been named the official caretaker of a living history museum…Cranberry Bog. They certainly take their job very seriously. When the weather is warm, the “Bog Buddies” are sawing, pruning, plucking, trimming and weeding on the bog. They’ve been very creative in ridding the bog of pesky plants in favor of the indigenous and carnivorous plants to flourish. Visitors can board The Queen of the Lake II tour boat for guided tours of the bog and the lake. Take the kids to see an original “Rocket Ride” from the days of the amusement park and buy one of the Buckeye Lake History or Book of Memories from local authors. Visitors will enjoy the photo gallery and all the information offered at this website:

According to the website of the Buckeye Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, their mission is to stimulate area business by sharing ideas, information, and supporting our communities, as well as educating the public on services and products that members provide. The chamber hosts regular events to promote networking among their members and beyond. They also host the annual “Full Pool Breakfast” in the Spring with a featured speaker. The Chamber is currently actively involved with other leaders on the lake to assure the safety of dam for the benefit of the community and to maintain a strong and vital economy. Information for individual and business memberships is available at

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