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Here’s what could have been done


If you have read recent Letters to the Editor in The Beacon, you are well aware of the amount of money that has been spent on “new positions” in Baltimore. Village Council and Mayor decided to “enhance” government payroll, all the while, neglecting our streets. They apparently felt that “growing” our government payroll was more important that taking care of our streets.

The payroll costs that have been included in my letters, include pay and benefits for Village Administrator Hall, Village Engineer, Service Superintendant (2004 thru 2008), Police Chief (2011 Only) and an estimated pay and benefits for Village Administrator Brown for the year 2012. The total amount spent for those positions (2004 thru 2011) is $ 1,073,145.68.

I am told that Baltimore has 25 miles of streets, and a friend , with vast experience in roadway maintenance, told me that the present cost to resurface one (1) mile of asphalt is approximately $ 50,000.I am unsure if the 25 miles of Baltimore streets includes State Route 256 and 158, but based upon 25 miles of streets, Baltimore “COULD” have paved approximately 21 miles of our streets with the monies expended for the growth of the government payroll.

Nearly every street in Baltimore could be in “acceptable” to “good” condition, but Mayor Kalish and “ALL” council members decided to grow government payroll, while we and they, drive on streets that are in disrepair.

Next time you see the Mayor or Council Members, excluding council member-elect Hamilton , be sure to thank them for caring for our streets, increasing the numbers of ordinances and regulations, and spending our tax dollars as fast as they can spend it.

The worst part of all this is the fact that we just re-elected three of the people that allowed this to happen.

Charles R. Lamb

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