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Help keep ‘Lighting the Lake’ alive


I got home to find my home in disrepair and neglected. I have taken the time to work on it so I can have somewhere to live while working on BLASST.

Unfortunately, that means that I did NOT get it together to do BLASST Tshirts this year. If you’re a collector, I believe it’s now two years missing out of 13 years of selling these shirts. I’m told people have ben asking about shirts this year, so I apologize for not getting that job done. Sometimes life gets in the way of best intentions.

However what we do have are luminaries plus parts and pieces for those of you who have bought them in the past but now have some parts missing. They are available at Buckeye Lake Marina and I encourage those of you who live along the waterfront to get this tradition of lighting the lake back up and going again.

For those of you who are new to the lake, I remember as a child living on Journal Island, watching those flares light up right before the fireworks was one of the prettiest sights in the world. As much as I loved the flares, the luminaries are much more practical and not dangerous like flares can be. Plus you can plug them in and go out in a boat for the fireworks show without worry. Please consider buying a set for your lake front. I am begging you not to let that part of this very old tradition die.

The luminaries are a set of 10 lights on a 30’ cord so if your lot is big you might have to buy two. They are $30 a set. Please write in the memo of your check (checks are encouraged) LUMINARIES. We also encourage you to donate to BLASST but in a separate check if you would please. I don’t mean to make a lot of demands; it just helps out with the accounting at the end of the year.

For those of you who have lived here for years as I have, you might remember the story in The Beacon years ago about the Beck twins who started the fireworks again back in the late 50’s. Don and Dave still are here year after year to watch the fireworks. Actually Dave watches and Don listens. Don is now blind, but don’t feel bad as it hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his life to the fullest. In fact he is trying to pull all the old gang together again for a reunion next year on Orchard Island for a “then and now” picture of us all.

It will be brutal! We’re scattered all over this country and are aging, sometimes not too gracefully. But we’re going to get together to experience the most beautiful fireworks show on earth. Hats off to Don and from all of us who grew up on the Islands. Thank you one and all for helping us keep this tradition alive with your donations!

Victoria Wolfe

PS. Donations may be mailed to P.O. Box 475 Millersport Ohio 43046. No donation is too small and never too big.

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