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Last Sunday, I saw the greatest commercial I’ve ever seen in my life. It was sponsored by The Special Olympics.

Six or seven children, looking to be about six years old with Down Syndrome were in a race when one little guy took a tumble. They all stopped, helped him up, locked arms and all crossed the finish line together with faces beaming. It was a “God wink” moment. The irony is we “perfect” people have a word for this condition. It’s called “challenged.” Think about it.

I’m convinced that it doesn’t matter if an idea is good or bad or right or wrong. The only thing that matters is if it works or doesn’t work and nothing I see is working. Not on the world, national, regional or local level – nothing is working!

Our local government (Buckeye Lake Village Council) locked arms and voted that shutting up Council Member Peggy Wells would solve their problems. Go ahead and try – see how it works. Personally, I’m more fascinated with how these beautiful cherub children instinctively knew that by helping one another, they would all be winners.

Judie Cook Buckeye Lake

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