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Hebron cuts water, sewer rates

HEBRON – Water and sewer customers, including those living outside the village, will get a break on their rates effective August 1.

Village Administrator Ralph Wise proposed the reductions at the June 26 village council meeting. He said the village is required annually to review rates. Wise added that previously the water reclamation department had planned to add a fourth person in 2012. Instead, the new department head decided to improve technology and not increase staff.

That savings will be given back to customers. The current rate of $11.50 per 1,000 gallons for in-village customers will drop to $11.10. The rate for outside customers drops from $23.00 per 1,000 gallons to $22.20.

Hebron refinanced bonds funding the municipal complex, the new wastewater treatment plant and the expanded water treatment plant in 2011, saving about $400,000 in interest costs over the remaining life of the bonds. Wise said the water rate reductions in essence gives that savings back to customers. The rate for in-village customers drops from $6.45 per 1,000 gallons to $6.25. The rate for outside customers goes from $12.90 per 1,000 gallons to $12.50.

Council members unanimously suspended the three reading rule and adopted both ordinances June 26.

In other business, council members agreed to sell a used Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser without bidding for $3,000 to the Village of Buckeye Lake.

A zoning amendment allowing Joseph Bowman IV to operate a used car sales operation without a new car dealership at 131 W. Main St. was also approved. “This is site specific and owner specific,” Hebron Mayor Clifford Mason explained at the June 12 council meeting.

Council member Pam DeVaul said June 26 that she had some concerns about the request so she talked to neighbors and businesses about it. None had any concerns, she reported.

Council member Annelle Porter is concerned about approving an exception rather than changing the law which prohibits used car operations without a new car dealership.

“I like this process,” council member Jim Friend told her. He represents council on the village’s Planning & Zoning Board that recommended that Bowman’s amendment be adopted. “I don’t want to open the floodgates to used car lots,” Friend said.

Council members unanimously suspended the three reading rule and adopted the ordinance by a 5-1 vote with Porter voting ‘no.’

Council members also unanimously approved an ordinance authorizing a lease-purchase agreement with Park National Bank for a new medic. Fire Chief Randy Weekly planned to pick up the new unit on June 27.

An ordinance allowing the village to accept and spend a $36,000 FEMA grant was also approved. The fire department will purchase two mechanical CPR units that will free up an EMT or paramedic for other treatments for a patient with a stopped heart. The grant will also purchase two rapid deployment, high capacity standalone nozzles that can deliver a large quantities of water on a fire or a structure threatened by a nearby fire.

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