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Hayden dominates council


Year after year, Buckeye Lake Village Council President Charlene Hayden undermines council’s authority and makes commission appointments on her own. At the 1/14 council meeting, she proved my point once again.

Hayden spoke to two neighbors about appointments to the Charter Review Commission. She said, “I asked (Annetta Macedonia) if she would be willing to serve.” However, her written report to council says she “asked (Annetta) if she would be willing to chair this commission again.” After informing council that Marie Ray called her to express interest in the commission, Hayden stated at the meeting, “So Marie, we’ll be happy to have you on that commission… appreciate your volunteering. So we have two people that said they’d be on the commission and we need three more. If you know of anybody else who’s interested, I appreciate you letting ME know.”

A few minutes later during public comments, I stated, “I would be interested in serving on the charter review commission. Would you like to appoint me?” Needless to say, the look on Hayden’s face was priceless…like a deer in headlights. She responded, “Well, that’s council’s decision.” I asked why then did she just announce two appointments on her own without council approval? Hayden’s response: SILENCE! Then I asked just when she was going to have council vote on those appointments? Hayden’s response: SILENCE!

Near the end of the meeting, Marie Ray spoke up and said she’d be willing to work with Peggy Wells or anyone on the commission. Hayden tried to back peddle by saying she was misunderstood and wasn’t making appointments on her own. Really? Her own written report to council proves her wrong. A statement in the report which she skipped over and failed to read aloud, “Unless there is some objection to Annetta and Marie, we have two people on board and need three more.” That statement makes very clear Hayden’s intention to run ahead of council and make appointments on her own.

Hayden’s arrogance and bullying is an embarrassment to our village. She’s rude to residents during public comments and to other council members. At a recent meeting, she shouted “NO!” to Councilor Kaye Hartman before Kaye even got three words out. Kaye was trying to suggest separating a budget issue for voting in order to avoid a conflict of interest…a very good suggestion.

Council should advertise for appointments to the Charter Review Commission…a good leader would have already done that since the commission is to be established in January.

Council needs to wise up and ask Hayden to step down as council president. To quote Desmond Tutu, “To remain neutral in situations of injustice, is to be complicit in that injustice.”

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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