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Hartman, Thompson thanked


We’ve been hearing for some time now that Chemcote will be returning to repair our streets. Mayor Rick Baker reported to council on June 27 that they would be back “within a couple of weeks.” During the same discussion, Council President Hayden said, “Chemcote did what they were asked to do and then some.”

In discussing the lack of a base under the streets, Service Director Tim Matheny said, “It wasn’t (Chemcote’s) fault. We told them to do it.” And to top off the conversation, Cranberry Bay resident Charlotte Basnett (Hayden’s good friend) asked council if it’s time for a street levy. “Make the roads the way they’re supposed to be,” she said. Basnett said the condition of village streets is the “main topic of conversation” in the village. “I think we need to have the people pay for these improvements,” she said.

I’d like to know what these people are smoking! Hayden thinks Chemcote did a superb job. Matheny implies that the village told Chemcote to do a poor job and Basnett wants all the taxpayers to pay for a new street levy so the repaving can be done all over again!

Duh? The funding didn’t just fall from the sky….”the people” ALREADY paid for these improvements! Every penny came or will come from a taxpayer somewhere. There’s no doubt that the monies our village received were not used to their full potential….and that’s saying it very kindly.

I agree with Basnett that the condition of our streets is a main topic of conversation. However, I’ll bet my ‘84 Chevy truck that NO ONE else agrees with Basnett that we need a street levy to do it all over again! In fact, I’ve heard MANY TIMES just the opposite….”I’ll never vote for another levy in the village as long as the same people are in office!” Amen to that!

We all need to recognize the Service Committee Chair Kaye Hartman and committee member Donna Thompson for leading the way in replacing ME Engineers. Great job! At last, someone in the village government with some common sense!

As a result of their request for RFQs and interviews, the village will be hiring a new engineer. I have heard that Hayden is very upset with the process and thought it was unfair to ME Companies. I can imagine she was upset since she was finally prevented from playing her normal “dictator” role where she basically tells the rest of council what they are going to do.

We should all ask ourselves why she is SO defensive of a company that time and time again has failed the village, but continues to make a lot of money for themselves. Where is her allegiance? It’s certainly not with the Village of Buckeye Lake.

By the way Mayor, it’s been a “couple of weeks.”

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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