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Harper wants readers ‘to see the facts for a change’


As your star letter writer Ms. Mansfield, and Scott Rawdon reported several weeks ago, I resigned my position as the Computer Technician for the Village of Kirkersville. Ms. Mansfield was not present when I read my resignation, and both of them took statements from it out of context. I am therefore sending you the entire resignation, verbatim, to print so that your readership may see the facts for a change.

To the Village Council and Mayor of Kirkersville.

It has been my pleasure, for the most part, to have served as the Computer Specialist for the Village these past years. The majority of the Council, former Mayor, and the majority of the citizens of the Village have always treated me with courtesy, respect and gratitude for the service I provided. Exceptions to the above statement are, of course, Ms. Bonnie Mansfield and Ms. Debbie Seymour, to name but two.

Many statements of a derogatory and defamatory nature were published under the auspices of the Buckeye Lake Beacon with Ms. Mansfield’s byline column, the “Watchdog”, wherein she referred to me as first the ‘computer geek, and then “computer jerk”. More recently, there have been statements made that “anyone can do that job” as well as “he is ripping the village off”, and “we don’t need to pay him $30.00 per hour”.

Given the nature of the current administration, and the allies of same, Ms’ Mansfield and Seymour, among others, I have reached the decision to terminate my relationship with the Village of Kirkersville, and severing all ties and responsibilities relating to same, effective IMMEDIATELY. I have turned over all keys and backup storage files to the Village Clerk, Johnnie Adkins, and the President Pro Tem of Council, Bennie Evans. I will no longer accept requests for assistance from or pertaining to Village computer and information systems.

The rate of $30.00 per hour was arrived at as a substantially reduced rate from what the village would pay for like services elsewhere. I was available to any Village official who needed computer assistance, and I feel that I performed the job while providing a value to the Village. Since the misleading and slanderous allegations made against my character have not resulted in any defense by the current Mayor, I feel that I can no longer associate myself with the Village and expect a reasonable degree of support from him and council members, Gary Raines, Erika Mudd and Rosemary Frischen. Any responses submitted by me to Ms. Mansfield’s allegations fell upon mostly deaf ears. I cannot and will not submit myself to further degradation and slander.

I wish the best of luck to Council President Pro Tem Bennie Evans, Johnnie Adkins, Brian Denton, and Jamie Cloud. I also wish luck to Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks, and Mike Cloud. With the bilious poison spewing forth from the likes of Ms’ Mansfield and Seymour, with the assistance of certain individuals within the Village Administration, all I can say is to watch your backs. Never let your guard down. Continue to perform your duties with the same responsibility and integrity that I know for a fact you have displayed, contrary to the lies set forth by your critics. I have formed some lasting friendships, and will cherish them always.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Harper, Computer Services Pataskala

Bill Harper


Editor’s Note: Contrary to Bill Harper’s assertions, Bonnie Mansfield is not a Beacon columnist nor writer. She is simply a frequent letter writer.

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