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Hard work pays dividends


For the last five days I have suffered pneumonia like symptoms including bouts of delirium.

In one of my crazy dreams, I believed that musicians earned $57 million dollars a year, pro athletes signed multiple year contracts for $20 million dollars and CEO’s earned millions of dollars in perks and benefits. In my Alice in Wonderland setting, these benevolent multi-millionaires adopted local fire and police departments and local school systems. The Mad Hatter explained to me that these millionaires just wanted to thank the local men and women for helping them get to the good life.

After a visit to Dr. Jim Whetsone and some strong antibiotics, I started recovering and realized that coming out of the rabbit hole meant that only half of what I believed was true. I remembered that we in Ohio elected a legislature and a governor that balanced the state budget by cutting funding to cities, villages, townships and school districts. Then, our local municipal employees, police, fire and teachers along with those that make minimum wage are the reasons why the economy is the way it is. All of us at the local level are left to pick up the pieces of this train wreck.

Now for the serious part of this letter. We will pick up the pieces and we will make our communities a better place because that is what we do in this country. That has been the history of our country after every traumatic experience.

After teaching U.S. History for 30 years, I have learned that hard work, doing things right and the desire to make life better for our children and grandchildren has been and always will be the cornerstone of the American Work Ethic. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Vince Popo
Lieb’s Island

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