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Harassed EMT urges voters to reject fire levy


I have been regularly accused by some fire department members as the one going to The Beacon about the Buckeye Lake Fire Dept. I believe residents should know what really goes on in the fire department and it is now my intention to let them know!

I started day one with this department, and have been a FF/EMT for 25 years. Since The Beacon reports first came out I have received numerous threats to be kicked off the department; council member Arletta Ruton has threatened to slap the pi## out of me; Mayor Baker asked me to take a lie detector test; officers not even on the run have criticized my patient care; and had my hours cut to 12 -24 hours every two weeks. New members are told that I am the negative one.

The Buckeye Lake Fire Department is being run into the ground. It’s do as I say, not as I do by the chief and officers. Members in their clique can do no wrong. If you’re not in the clique, you get criticized about everything. I believe in freedom of speech and I speak my mind.

Major change and new leadership are needed. The current village administration is not willing to make the necessary changes. So vote No on the fire levy.

Tim Faryman (The guy who sits out front)

Buckeye Lake

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