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Groundbreaking for museum set for Oct. 19

BUCKEYE LAKE – The Buckeye Lake Museum celebrates a groundbreaking for its expansion Sunday, Oct. 19, 1 p.m. Buckeye Lake Museum Director J-me Braig said the front wall will be knocked out to accommodate an atrium to hold the old “rocket ship,” which hung from a ride at the old Buckeye Lake Amusement Park. There will also be a two-story addition on the back of the existing museum.

Braig explained the expansion, called Phase Three, is made possible through a generousbequest from Fairfield Beach resident Norma Dixon, who is ill and told Braig she is looking for a place to store her large collection of dolls, figurine bears, and Native American artifacts. The massive collection requires the expansion of the museum. Dixon raised $30,000 through selling some of her land and donated the money to the museum so it may begin the improvements.

The two-story addition will be called the Bard & Dixon Family Building and will hold Dixon’s entire collection, including Steiff and Hermann bears, and Madame Alexander’s rare Little Woman Collection dolls from all over the world.

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