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Graduation highlighted Lakewood’s success


This is in response to Mr. Kenmir’s recent Letter to the Editor.

My wife and I are Lakewood graduates. I’ve been to school board meetings and I‘ve gone to the State Capitol with Superintendent Jay Gault to talk with legislators about funding for education and budget cuts.

On Sunday, Lakewood graduated 168 students. Of those students, 117 will attend a four year or two year college, 32 decided to go into the job market, and 9 will go into the military. A total of $781,821 in scholarships were awarded to members of the Class of 2010. That’s a remarkable feat for a school system to achieve. A total of 21 of those students graduated with honors.

My point is not all those scholarships were awarded for throwing a ball. Many of them were academic scholarships. Graduates got a very well rounded education in this school district. That shows how the administration and teachers in this school district care about the quality education in this district.

My personal belief is that we cannot cut back what this school district offers anytime or ever. The state phased out a tax that was an important revenue source for our district; it is not a scare tactic. These are the facts and real life.

Yes, 9.9 mills is a lot of money. My wife and I don’t have children in the district anymore. But we still participate in all the programs with these children. We also have always supported our schools and the levies.

And yes, we are very proud of the students who throw a baseball and a softball to achieve their outstanding performances in the school district. I would hope that you would get involved in some of the activities and see first hand why this levy is so important to our school district.

Also, it’s very distasteful to me that you would slam our superintendent, because he drives a new automobile. I think obviously you wish you could have one and cannot figure out how to have one. That is a personal choice and is none of your business.
Bill Gulick Jr.


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