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Government grew at the expense of street repair


From 2004 thru 2011 the Village Of Baltimore received a total of $ 3,819,300 from our Income Tax and $ 4,052,303 from charges for services, fines, licenses, permits, intergovernmental, property taxes, earnings on investments and miscellaneous., yet they still managed to increase our debt by about $ 3,000.000, and that did NOT include the $5,000,000 debt for the sewer plant that was mandated by the Ohio EPA.

You may recall that when the income tax was suggested as a way to have monies to distribute between street maintenance/ resurfacing and general fund. I am not sure of the exact distribution, but it appears that most, if not all, of the monies is going to the general fund.

During 2004 thru 2011, I am attempting to remember “any” street resurfacing project.

We had to wait until 2013 for a “minimal” paving project, and that was apparently the result of a grant.

During that same period we created the positions of Village Administrator, Service Superintendant, Village Engineer and full-time Police Chief. Those positions had never existed in prior years. Those positions cost a “huge” amount of money. Maybe this is the reason that our streets are in the condition they are in, because it does appear that street resurfacing took a back seat to “growing our government”. Also remember that the “existing” council members backed additional income and/or property taxes to run the police department they created, but then found that they could not afford, not just once, but twice.

Six members of our Village Council said “Aye” to most all that the Village Administrator presented. One of the six has “retired”, now we need to clean out the other five, but that may take a while. I wonder if the “new member” of the Village Council will have a very hard time competing with the remaining five “Yea” members ?

The state only resurfaces state highways, so Baltimore must care for its own streets, and one would hope that it would be soon. “Growing Government” has been more important than resurfacing streets, at least it does appear to be that way.

Charles R. Lamb

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