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Golf carts make sense


Golf carts are fun and environmentally friendly – exactly the image we all want to project for Buckeye Lake.

Congratulations to the Village for recognizing this and for looking for a way to allow residents to safely use their carts. Mayor Clay Carroll hit the nail on the head; its an unfortunate fact that our back streets do not tie together to allow people to use their carts without at least a brief ride on Ohio 79.

It’s also pretty clear that the people driving these carts want to get off of Ohio 79 and onto the back streets as soon as possible; they simply have no other choice with our street layout. For example, someone from Cranberry Bay cannot get to retail business’ like Dollar General without being on Ohio 79 for a little while. This reality dictates that we need to make this legal. This clarification is also important to our police officers. Its just not fair to put them in a position where “the law” conflicts with common sense.

I support placing “Caution: Golf Carts on Roadway!” signs, (hopefully with a silhouette of a golf cart on them!), at several locations along Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake Village..

It promotes the village as fun and environmentally friendly place to live and do business.

Richard Hale
Barryville, Buckeye Lake

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