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‘God bless the ‘regular’ folks in Ohio for keeping it real…’


Dawn Weber, proud Ohioan and humor blogger, asked in her “Lighten Up: It’s Time for Quality Reality TV” column (2-5-11) “Where are the regular people? Where are the Ohioans?”

Interestingly, many of them are here in Hollywood working on the shows we love to hate. They are proud that they are from Ohio, but really proud that they left Ohio. They are tough nuts indeed, with a shrewd eye for entertainment, and bucks are a big reason they are here. (Jerry Springer ring a bell?)

The “achingly beautiful and disgustingly fit” people we must endure on TV are an OCD reflection of the industry’s reverence for the superficial – especially when it comes to women. In L.A. there is a peculiar alien race of ladies over 30 years old with swollen duck lips, fake balloon boobs, and startled looks on their sad faces. They resemble washed up porn stars. (We’ve come a long way baby!)

According to CalorieLab’s “Fattest States 2010” tally, Ohio ranks #13 and California #41. We don’t eat in L.A. – we experience eclectic cuisines in esoteric dining environments. We are not run-ofthe mill, garden-variety gluttons – we are foodies. The only sweets we allow ourselves are eye candy – and it’s Halloween every day.

Ms. Weber is correct. There’s enough despair to go around.

In L.A. – where the grass is always greener around the corner at the medical marijuana pharmacy – fat, old and/or ugly people (excluding celebrities) are pretty much spurned, or worse yet pitied. Anyone “ordinary, normal, middle-of-the-road” is dead meat in the fast lane to show business fame and fortune.

Yes, perhaps the state that brought us the exceptional likes of the Wright Brothers, James Thurber, and Erma Bombeck could benefit from a style makeover, but God bless the “regular” folks in Ohio for keeping it real and beautiful.

Barb Best
Los Angeles, CA

Editor’s Note: Barb Best is the 2010 Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner and the author of the popular blog Barbs Blast. She has been to Ohio for the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and looks forward to visiting “The Buckeye State” again next year.

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