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Get out early next Saturday

If you care about the future of our Buckeye Lake community, we encourage you to get up early enough to be at Lakewood High School by 8 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23. It’s your first chance to weigh in on the future of the Buckeye Lake Region.

After nearly 18 months of being treated like mushrooms by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, many of us are naturally suspicious about being asked for our opinions about what Buckeye Lake will look like in the future. The January timing is poor as many residents flee our miserable winters for much better weather in Florida, Arizona etc. Hopefully, next Saturday’s meeting will be the first of many public meetings addressing Buckeye Lake’s rebirth so everyone will have an opportunity to express their opinions.

Many of us were happy with the pre-2015 version, but that’s gone thanks to ODNR’s ‘do it our way’ massive dam replacement project. Buckeye Lake has needed help for years, particularly with dredging and water quality. ODNR has pledged to tackle dredging much more aggressively, but that promise fell flat last year. Prospects for 2016 look better as components for a self-dewatering dredge are already at Lieb’s Island. Getting phosphorus laden silt out of our watershed will improve boating and water quality.

What the next Buckeye Lake will look like is up in the air. ODNR is silent on their plans and seemingly unable to even talk about the most basic issues like dock designs and configurations. Some suspect that they have some big plans for our lake. Maybe they do, but next Saturday we all have an opportunity to talk about what we would like to see happen.

Maybe you support a lake-front bike path/walkway around the lake and other attractions for day or weekend visitors. Another golf course and better beaches might be on your list. Or maybe you prefer as little change as possible. No matter what side you are on or if you’re undecided, it’s time to express your opinions.

Buckeye Lake has attracted some people who can get things done. Central Ohio’s preeminent destination developer is interested and will be present Saturday as will other very successful developers. Yaromir Steiner, whose Steiner + Associates developed Easton Town Center, wants your opinion. Easton is so successful because it works for shoppers, visitors and businesses. Successful developers listen to their customers and neighbors. That’s a foreign concept to ODNR.

Take a chance next Saturday that we really can influence what happens at Buckeye Lake. All you are risking are a few hours on a likely bleak and cold January day in Ohio.

Lunch will be provided so please RSVP your participation to

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