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Generosity prompts paying it forward


I just have a thank you to pass on. My son and I recently were in the Buckeye Lake Library. The three beautiful girls that work there told us we had a fine and could not check out anything until we paid it.

I know they hated to turn us away, but had no other choice. In light of the recent problems, I simply did not have the extra money to pay it. My son was crushed.

About that time a lady standing beside us asked me how much I owed. I was so embarrassed. I politely mumbled $5. She immediately reached for her wallet. I just as quickly started letting her know that I would take care of it later. She smiled and said, “That is alright; I have it.” No amount of arguing persuaded her from getting that $5 to the wonderful librarian, Debbie.

I instantly switched gears to get her information so I could pay her back. The mystery angel simply shook her head and said, “Just pay it forward.” Again my arguments fell on death ears. Knowing I was beat, I told my hero I would do as she asked ASAP and how grateful we were.

As soon as we got home we made plans to “pay it forward.” We visited an elderly couple up the road and started cleaning up their yard from the storm. It was a start. I just want to say thanks to the very generous lady and let her know that she helped renew my faith in people. Please know wherever you are that my son and I are fulfilling your request. Imagine a world where this could take hold and be the norm. Thanks to the wonderful girls at the library too.

Katrina and Jamey Sims
Buckeye Lake

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