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Geese harassment works

BUCKEYE LAKE – Ohio State Parks used trained K-9 units to control and herd geese away from several areas at Buckeye Lake State Park this past summer. This is one of several initiatives undertaken by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to control the Canada goose population at Buckeye Lake.

Beaches are a natural draw for geese and other shorebirds. Through the efforts of an outside contractor, Shoreline Solutions, the park realized a 60 percent reduction in the number of times geese were located at the public beach areas. Other dramatic results included that the average flock size at Liebs Island dropped from 135 geese to five, and the flock at Fairfield beach was reduced from 65 geese to none.

The contractor visited each beach daily and at least one weekend each month during a 90-day period that concluded on Labor Day. The geese were not harmed, and the results included the overall improved health and appearance of the beach areas for park visitors.

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