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Future looks bleak for our school, community


I was disappointed to see that Millersport’s school levy went down to defeat once again. While I’m sure there are many reasons that people voted against the levy, one that I’ve heard more than once is that there is too much waste. For those that believe this, I would like to hear some specifics. During my 29 years of teaching at Millersport, I simply did not see a lot of waste.

Because of our failure to pass a levy, we have had to cut teachers to the point our students will not even be able to experience what other schools would consider the basics. We no longer have a librarian, only one foreign language will be offered and music and art will be severely limited. Some of our better teachers are beginning to leave for better opportunities elsewhere. High school busing no longer exists. While doing physical therapy near Thornport, I even heard a rumor that one of our better athletes was considering transferring to Sheridan because of the school situation in Millersport

The future looks bleak for our school and community. Do we really want our school to be operated by the state instead of our local board of education? Does our community really want people who our considering moving into our district to move elsewhere because we won’t support our school? I think of what Groveport went through for so many years because of the state of their school system. No one wanted to buy a house in Groveport.

My father, myself and my two sons all went to Millersport, as well as an uncle and two aunts and all received a good education. My grandchildren currently live about two hours away, and while I would love to see them live closer and one day attend Millersport, I have mixed feelings. I can’t help but think they might be better off attending another school where they would have the same learning opportunities that other children have.

I hope that the next time a levy is on the ballot that you will consider voting in favor of it, so that the students attending Millersport today will be able to receive the same quality education that we did. I want to be proud of my community again.

Ron Pairan

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