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Free speech at risk in Thornville

Editor and Thornville residents:

I have some follow up comments about the 9/26/16 Thornville Council meeting.

In the past, I have been very critical of Mayor Renner’s attempt to allow livestock into the village, and his unwillingness to address speeding in the village. Now Mayor Renner is trying to control the constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech of Council members and residents.

In the past, my comments have been deleted from the Thornville Village Facebook page and now I have been blocked from the Village Facebook page by Mayor Renner. My comments did not violate the social media policy on the Village Facebook page. I was simply exercising my right to Free Speech.

I wish Mayor Renner would stop wasting tax payer money on social media policies, and livestock ordinances that would allow diapered pet chickens. I agree with Council member Olivia Newbold, when she says Free Speech is the most precious thing we have, and I thank her for standing up for the Thornville residents.

I urge Thornville residents to attend council meetings so you can see how your tax dollars are being wasted, because there is more going on besides diapered pet chickens and social media policies. The next council meeting is Monday October 24th, and the Zoning meeting to discuss the changes to the Livestock Ordinance will be on Monday, November 7.

Angie Hedges

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