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FREE gardening classes available at Buckeye Lake’s Harbor Community Center

BUCKEYE LAKE – Licking County Master Gardeners are holding FREE monthly gardening classes from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays at the Harbor Community Center on Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake Village.

March 16 – Preparing Garden Beds + Planting for Early Crops
Learn when and how to start an early garden and have vegetables as early as April.  Soil preparation and fertilizing will be discussed, as well what can be transplanted or directly seeded into the garden for early crops. KEY CONCEPTS that will be covered: know what to grow and when for Spring crops – components of soil – soil testing – amending/enriching soil in beds – directly seeding vs transplanting – “hardening off” plants started indoors from seeds – reading/using info on seed packets.

April 20 – Planting for Summer Crops + Limited Space Options
This class covers “what” and “when” of planting warm weather vegetables whether they be directly seeded or transplanted.  Also learn options of growing in containers and vertically. KEY CONCEPTS that will be covered: know what to grow and when for Summer crops – spacing of plants – companion planting – container gardening – growing veggies vertically – straw bale gardening – reading/using info on seed packets.

May 18 – Maintaining a Healthy Garden
Now that the garden is planted, there are some simple things to be done to maximize production:  mulching, watering, and weed, pest and disease control.  If it is done right, it is not overwhelming or complicated. KEY CONCEPTS that will be covered: diseases & pests – composting – mulching – spacing – watering – weeding.

June 15 – Harvesting Crops + Planting for Fall Crops
When is the best time to harvest vegetables and herbs? Well, it depends.  Learn some tricks of the trade.  Also, plan for a Fall garden and learn what is best grown for a second round of fresh vegetables in September. KEY CONCEPTS that will be covered: know what to grow and when for Fall crops – reading/using info on seed packets – harvesting veggies – harvesting herbs – saving seeds for next year.

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