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Former trustee says trustees just make up their own rules


I would NOT consider it very intelligent for the group often described as the Bowling Green Township G.O.B. to threaten and harass residents they dislike at public meetings. Perhaps this might motivate common sense, literate, and constitutional-minded residents to make sure that future elections are not unopposed.

After being repeatedly threatened as often documented on video tape, I am grateful that citizens’ rights and the Ohio Sunshine laws are at least on the books. Even when these laws and rights are ignored at least when they are caught on tape, others can see and make their own judgments.

This letter was prompted by the most recent township trustee meeting where Trustees Vanburen and Watkins, prompted by their loose cannon road supervisor’s blathering outbursts, threatened to call the sheriff if I refused to move my video camera over literally a distance of inches!

For months now more than one resident has asked for a copy of a written video taping policy and, like many public record requests, it is completely ignored and never filled. The supposed “designated” taping area is apparently determined at random by the trustees at each meeting. Vanburen and Watkins have both called the sheriff to public meetings on more than one occasion. Each and every time, the deputies leave after having been informed by the accused that NO law is being broken.

When inept elected officials tell me to jump, I ask for copy of the laws and never take a leap at only their command. Many of the ongoing boondoggles have been recorded and are available for viewing on YouTube. We have what has become known as “Watkins Law” with no basis in the Ohio Revised Code. The trustees board consistently operates in a knee jerk mode that is arbitrary and capricious. Watkins and Vanburen practice ex post facto law as they make up or modify their laws dictated by their momentary whims.

Even to this day, Watkins it spinning untruths about his past PROVEN illegal gotten gains of taking OUR money and putting it in his own pocket . As Watkins spins the tales of nonsense circular logic, I will take every opportunity to invite any and all to review the facts. About $3,000 was taken out of township funds for checks made out to Watkins for his scheme.

I will write soon about how the red flags in the audit were “mysteriously” removed but for now when you hear the Watkins fabrications. If you buy into his continued spin just FOLLOW YOUR MONEY! Yes, Watkins did GET AWAY WITH THE deed, but never forget who’s pants contain a wallet full of YOUR MONEY obtained 100% illegally. And for Mr. Watkins who has also verbally threatened me more than once, at meetings to sue me for the residents vs. Watkins case, I say bring it on. I AM WAITING TO BE SUED FOR FOLLOWING THE MONEY MYSELF.

For some reason Watkins won’t share why he won’t return our money. Turns out that Watkins must feel justified in keeping OUR public funds he helped himself to illegally. This is a black and white matter as Watkins continues to spin his yarn of imaginary grey. This would be a good year for Watkins to retire. We should all encourage him do this on Election Day, preferably sooner. Not to worry about his eventual departure, Watkins Law reign of grey will one day be posterity. If you think watchdogs here have no clout, watch the videos, get the facts and remove all doubt.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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