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Former trustee back on payroll


January 2012 rolled around and former Trustee Jeff Chorpenning returned to office by awakened Bowling Green Township voters. The G.O.B. Theater began day one when green horn Trustee Ben Hupp announced at the township organizational meeting that ALL the township workers had quit. Good news, indeed for Bowling Green Township except new board President Hupp and past president Daniell Vanburen forgot to tell at least one of the workers that he had “quit”. In fact at a following meeting, the uninformed “former employee” displayed his key to the township after supposedly having turned in all keys to at end of 2011. Say what?

Another employee, Harold Wiseman, was removed by Watkins/Vanburen/Hupp without justifiable cause during Watkins’s lame duck sessions. Jim, the uninformed employee, came to the next monthly meeting with news again. This time announcing, “he WAS quitting”. The cat was fully out of the bag at this point about what GOB Watkins was scheming. He is still running the show from his “alleged retirement”. The on again/ off again employee declared he and Watkins had to wait a period of time before going “back” to work.

Watkins’ Plan A failed miserably when his false accusations about Chorpenning violating some invented election campaign laws all blew up in Watkins’ face. I observed this first hand as Watkins embarrassed our entire township before the Ohio Election Board. I believe Watkins actually convinced himself of his own lies, blaming the other guy for HIS failures and for his illegal insurance reimbursement checks.

Plan B was fully unveiled at the recent trustees’ special meeting to go over employee applications. Yep, you guessed it… by a vote of 2 to 1, Vanburen and Hupp put GOB Watkins back in a township truck as our “new” township road worker! Watkins won’t be alone since another 2 to 1 vote put his sidekick, notorious trouble maker and former road supervisor, Jack Hedges back into a driver’s seat too. Now more township funds get funneled into the GOB’s pockets. Coming up is Election 2013 when Vanburen and Hupp will hopefully continue on their course and “they” wake up more voters to help them find a new way to get a government handout like Watkins found. Wake up people and get two more candidates into office!

Gary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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