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Former mayor to become developer

BUCKEYE LAKE – Former Buckeye Lake Village Mayor Rick Baker announced Wednesday that he has purchased land on the west side of Crane Lake, where he plans to create a scaled down version of Garry McAnally’s North Shore Landing project at the entrance to the North Shore Boat Ramp.

“This will be for the average middle-America person to have a waterfront home,” Baker said. He said he envisions condominiumtype houses like McAnally’s, only his would be about 1,200 square feet each – far smaller than the North Shore Landing homes. Baker predicts his houses would sell for under $200,000 each. “I think there’s a demand for that,” he said.

Baker said he’ll meet with the Buckeye Lake Planning Commission soon to discuss design details, but he intends to begin with two houses as soon as possible and eventually build up to eight houses.

By next year, Baker hopes to have a house or two for sale. He said the houses will “keep a historic look,” vaguely A-frame and definitely nautical. “They’ll have that quaint look of a house across the lake,” he said, “old Buckeye Lake.” Baker said eventually the new development would be controlled by a homeowners’ association.

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