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Former marina owner responds to story


After owning a business for 25 years you get used to hearing more rumors than anyone can imagine and they run easily off your back. But when I read a story in the August 23 Beacon where Charles E. Krumm (who I sold part of Avondale Marina to) told Licking Township Trustees that the liquor license had been revoked because of non-payment of taxes, I felt I had to write a rebuttal to this story and a couple of others that I had heard about the marina from friends.

When I first decided to sell the marina, Charles E. Krumm Jr. told me he could write me a check for the amount anytime. At the same time, my older brother, Sy, approached me and said he wanted to by the marina. I thought it would be nice to keep it in the family. But after half the summer was over, my brother still had not got financing. Sy set up a meeting with Tom Epply of Thornport Epply’s. He wanted to give me a $15,000 check and if Sy couldn’t come up with the financing by the end of the season, I could just give him the $15,000 back. When I said no, Sy packed up everything and then put a $16,000 lien on the marina. But that’s another story that’s not finished yet.

So I turned to Charles E. Krumm Jr. He came up $25,000 short at the closing which I agreed to finance. That happened last November. I kept telling him that he needed to complete an application to transfer the liquor license but that didn’t happen. In February when the license was up for renewal, I paid the $2,800 renewal fee. When May rolled around the Liquor Division gave the license to someone else who had applied. He lost the liquor license because he failed to apply for a transfer.

Rusty Payne Licking Township

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