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Flip flop on housing project questioned


One might start to wonder why the Village Council would vote to “support” the 30 low income housing units, by a 6 “yea” verses 0 “nay” vote, and then later totally withdraw their support and vote 6 “yea” to 0 “nay” votes. It appears that there is much confusion about what they are doing. The vote count is not the surprising because this council does not seem to have anyone that casts a “nay” vote.

Why has there not been a posting of Council minutes on the village website since January 28, 2013 ?

We do see an inordinate amount of “executive sessions” in the published minutes of the meetings. Why is all this necessary??? Are mistakes being made and they do not want us to know what is going on ?

I think that since Baltimore is a typical small village, and rumors start and spread very quickly, this may be a part of the reason for the executive sessions.

The latest rumor in circulation involves the water/sewer installation in the Route 256 E corridor. It is rumored that the Ohio EPA is looking into the matter of a failure to apply for and receive “permits” for that installation, as well as some “improper” placement of some or all of those various lines.

I know that they say the executive sessions are listed as addressing land acquisition and legal matters, and those matters can be very complex, but if the “proper” steps were not taken in order to complete the unnecessary sewer/water line extension, some “heads” should roll.

The worst part is that “if” there are monetary penalties for this “rumored” violation, guess who will get to pay the costs ???? The overtaxed, overcharged and underserved citizens of Baltimore.

I would like to continue this letter, but I must write and deliver the $ 155.55 check for my latest water/sewer bill. That breaks down to $ 51.85 per person for my household. By the way, that is a “normal” water/sewer bill since rate changes that were calculated and approved by our 6 “yea” to 0 “nay” council. I am not really sure if I will be able to afford to live here when I do finally retire.

Charles R. Lamb

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