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Fireworks debris latest issue with Snug Harbor developer


On Saturday, June 13, the developer of Snug Harbor behind my house chose to have a fireworks show after a concert. During the show, remnants of the fireworks fell on our property. Some of the pieces were still burning and had the ability to put our family and property at risk. We called the Thorn Township Fire Department and they came out and checked to make sure we did not have smoldering pieces of fireworks on our roof.

Fortunately for us, although we collected a garbage bag full of pieces of fireworks, our roof was OK. We’ve filed a formal complaint with the State Fire Marshall’s office to get the planned Snug Harbor firework shows scheduled for July and August either cancelled or moved to a location that doesn’t endanger neighbors.

This is just one of many issues that we and our neighborhood has had with this developer. Some other examples are:

• Extending a sewer line on his property that left our road covered with mud and piles of dirt. When this was brought up to the developer, he promised to clean up the road but never did. We had it cleaned at our expense.

• When the developer was excavating his harbor, our neighborhood had to endure the entire summer with our homes, cars, decks and road covered with thick dust. We complained about the dust to developer many times that summer, asking him to do something to keep it down. But like many other things our pleas fell on deaf ears. He did promise to go through the neighborhood after the work was done to assess the impact from the dust and to clean our homes, cars and decks. But once again that was another broken promise.

• The developer’s excavation contractor worked from about dawn to after midnight just about every day. They brought in huge lights so they could work after dark. We sought help from our township trustees who were successful in getting the work hours cut back when they attempted to work 24 hours a day.

• The neighborhood was concerned about the wetlands and called Ohio EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to see if the work was properly permitted. As we continued to consult with these agencies and the developer found out about it, he started to verbally abuse us and make threats. We have now been told by both agencies that they have requested that the U.S. EPA get involved.

Unfortunately, what could have been a strong partnership between an existing neighborhood and a new development has turned disrespectable and spiteful.

Gail Bennett Thorn Township

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