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Over the last few months I have read articles that have been written in the Buckeye Lake Beacon stating the Fire Department is just trying to save there own runs, not putting patients first, slow or delayed response times, and the quality of the management and he quality of patient care given from the personal at the Fire Department.

I shouldn’t, and no other member of this department should have to ever stand here and explain the actions of the personal at the fire department or the quality of EMS care you receive. But I will not allow a so called news paper; inform the community by publishing false and incorrect information.

I have an attached article from last weeks Beacon along with some facts about this run. This article had no writers name or community. As stated in the Beacon {All letter published will include the writer’s name and community”. The Beacon also states in there paper “We reserve the right to edit letters for length, clarity, and legal liability. We try to print all letter received, but reserve the right to refuse any letter at our discretion”, proving everything you hear and read in the Beacon is not always truthful or the whole story.

It is very unfortunate that a group of people would rather stand outside the Fire Department and protest change, when is that not what they have been asking for all along? Why not work together to improve on the services the Buckeye Lake Fire Department provides now to the community?

I read one of the signs at the protest said Vote No on the Fire Levy. Do you know what the complete impact of the services would be to this community? A defeated Fire Levy in November would leave this community with 100% volunteer department. EMS and Fire Services would be delayed even grater.

The Purpose of EMS billing is not to save the run or put patients 2nd or 3rd as some people believe. It is to help the overall objective of providing 24 hours EMS/Fire Coverage by 2 paid personal, with out asking for any tax increase from the community.

I hope the community will open there eyes and ears and stop reading and listening to the false statements, and miss informed information printed from the Beacon. The Solution is Clear! Vote Yes for the Buckeye Lake Fire Department Fire Levy in November.

Brandon C Tucker
Newark Ohio
Proud Buckeye Lake Firefighter/EMTBasic

This fact based statement has been emailed to Let’s See If The Truth Gets Put In The Beacon

The writer also included the “truck times” for Report No. 52-13-F000266 on 5/21/13 to 42 Highland that was discussed in last week’s editorial. Readers can access the times themselves by visiting, selecting “Buckeye Lake Fire Department” and then picking “Current Run Times.”

Tucker’s comments continue: “According to the 911 Center Run Times, Hebron Cleared Traffic at the same Buckeye Lake marked Responding to LMH. NO Hebron units marked Enroute, or On Scene. NO Hebron Units were at Ohio 79 & U.S 40 when Buckeye Lake Squad approached; therefore they continued to LMH Emergency Status and requested a Paramedic card holder from Heath.

According to this article written by a nameless coward, Buckeye Lake also Responded to LMH short handedly and illegally after botching meeting up with Hebron.

Legally to transport a patient in the state of Ohio you must have a minimum of (2) EMT-Basic cardholders which is exactly what Buckeye Lake Fire had on duty this Day. Therefore nothing illegal happened and the only department who botched the rendezvous was Hebron Fire Department.”

A note from the ‘nameless coward:’ First, this letter was NOT emailed to us, but we have reproduced it exactly (except for the Truck Times chart) because we strongly believe that both sides of an issue have a place in The Beacon.

Secondly, one would hope that a person we may have to depend on during a medical emergency could tell the difference between an editorial and a Letter to the Editor. For the record, editorials are twocolumns wide and are enclosed in a box. As we have pointed out before, editorials are written by the editor, Charles Prince, unless otherwise signed. The editor has also written nearly a dozen by-lined stories on the same subject.

That said, we will give Mr. Tucker credit for being the first fire department employee to defend his department in writing. We will accept his statement that two EMTBasics were in the squad on May 21, so our statement that they ran “illegally” to the hospital is NOT correct. Though he refers to ‘publishing false and incorrect information’ and ‘false statements, and miss informed (sic) information,’ the only specific issue he raises is our characterization of a May 21 run. Of course, he is only emulating his leadership and Council President Charlene Hayden who routinely call our well-researched reports lies and half-truths without EVER specifying what isn’t true or accurate.

We strongly believe that SOME members of the Buckeye Lake Fire Department are actively trying to discredit the Hebron Fire Department. This one-sided feud was stirred up by Council member Arletta Ruton when she tried to make a big issue out of a March 28 patient transfer to a Hebron ambulance for a higher level of care. She’s been aided and abetted by Council member Clay Carroll. Fighting with the department that has answered Buckeye Lake’s calls for EMS help 287 times in 2010-12 is IDIOTIC and puts Buckeye Lake lives at risk.

Hebron did NOT botch that meet-up. First, the party requesting assistance has the responsibility of clearly communicating where they are to meet. If Buckeye Lake really didn’t see the Hebron chief’s vehicle, they should have immediately requested by radio their location or ETA. It might have taken a minute or two to get together, but instead they blew by and contacted Heath. Heath was contacted about 2.5 minutes after Hebron was dispatched, but Heath didn’t meet up with Buckeye Lake for almost another seven minutes. So a likely attempt to show up Hebron, resulted in an EXTRA five-minute delay before a paramedic was available to evaluate the patient. That’s nuts!

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