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Firebowl set for Oct. 10


I was having a difficult time coming up with this year’s Firebowl letter because I hate to put myself in the line of “fire”. I like doing what I do for my own self fulfillment and I really don’t enjoy having someone tell me I am wrong. We are self-employed for a reason and not the reason that I couldn’t hold a job because I have an “attitude”!

We started Firebowl ten years ago to raise funds to help outfit a fire truck and then fire chief, Terry Lynn, was very grateful as well the volunteer fire personnel that gave of their time. I knew we made a difference and it was before 9/11 when the average person started caring about fire & police. Little did I know that one day I would have two cops/fire fighters in our family but we do and we are proud of them.

I had planned on making this my last Firebowl but I was recently asked by someone I respect for his commitment to his community (and I met him when he was a little boy so I know he is one of the good guys in life) if I would continue our event. I am still very undecided about another event. So I am going with the flow and just dealing with this year’s event.

Fire Prevention Week is October 4th through the 10th. We will be holding the event from Noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 10th at Starlite Lanes on Ohio 256, with Brad Williams donating the use of the lanes and bowling shoes. Bowlers will be out asking for sponsor donations; please give what you can. It’s the little things that changes a community way before big changes can be made.

The raffle prize was donated by Wheeling Island in West Virginia. A $5 raffle ticket gives you a chance for a “Get Away Package” of an overnight stay, two Islander Buffets, and free valet parking. 100% of the funds raised will benefit the Thurston/ Walnut Township Fire Department as it has for the last four years.

So for the men and women who stand in the line of “fire” when the call goes out I give you our thanks and I hope the funds we raise make it safer for you to do what needs done.

Our thanks to every fire chief that have allowed us to do what we felt we needed to do over the last ten years.
In friendship,
Ria Fox


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