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Fire department should pass on the parties


Last weekend, the Cranberry Bay neighborhood had a block party with food, drinks and OSU football on an big screen TV. Mayor Rick Baker and outgoing Council President Charlene Hayden live in the neighborhood so it wasn’t a surprise they were there. But they invited the fire department to come for a few hours.

Taxpayers might be interested to know that the paid staff brought down the fire truck and a squad to this private party for several hours instead of being “on station.” I wonder if anyone came to the station for help while they were at the party. Just the week before, a man came in with a gunshot wound and was transported to the hospital. Walk-ins are not uncommon at BLFD according to 9-1-1 Center records.

Our elected village officials are hypocrites! Recently, I was criticized by these same elected officials for wasting EMS resources and possibly delaying their response to a “real” emergency. I called 9-11- to request Hebron paramedics on behalf of my elderly mother. BLFD arrived instead and was present probably two minutes because I refused their services and they called Hebron.

Mayorial candidate Clay Carroll was a special guest at the block party. I was always told that Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association events were not to be political in any way. But I guess it depends on who you are. Years ago, I was managing a fundraiser with some youth for the skate park. We were told at a similar CBHA block party that we couldn’t offer raffle tickets there for the skate park.

So, CBHA couldn’t support a skate park for our youth because it was “political,” but there’s no problem promoting a specific mayorial candidate PLUS the fire department to promote the fire levy. Really? This validates why I dropped my membership years ago.

The fire department has enough trouble staffing the station with two minimally trained EMTs without attending private parties. If they aren’t on a run, they should be where residents expect them to be – at the station.

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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