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Family thanks Buckeye Lake officer


Around midnight on July 4, I got a ride home from work. My wife was not home. I went to ask her Mom where she was. She told me that she left about 12:10 a.m. to pick me up from work. I work at the Truck-O-Mat on Ohio 37. I called work to see if they had seen her and they said “no.”

I started to walk down Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake and when I got around the post office I saw a Buckeye Lake Police officer and flagged him down. I told him that my wife was about five months pregnant and she had left the house around 12:10 a.m. I also told him that no one had heard from here and it was now about 2 a.m.

He turned his cruiser around and started to head towards Ohio 37 to look for her. He came back and gave me a ride to the car, but she was not there.

This officer’s name is Bryan French. He took me to my work without any questions. When we pulled into the Truck-OMat, she was there. Our car had run out of gas so Officer French took us back to grab our gas can. Then he took us to the TA to get gas and then back to our car.

Officer French waited until we got our car running. Thanks to Officer Bryan French of the Buckeye Lake Police Department, my wife came home safe. I wish we had more officers like Bryan French. From our family, we thank you so much Officer French.

Tom & Kelly Coss
Buckeye Lake

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